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  • Are Eurasiers good with cats?
    Prey drive within the breed varies between individuals, but most Eurasiers are successful with cats in the household as long as they are raised with them and boundaries are reinforced daily.
  • Are Eurasiers hard to train?
    Although Eurasiers are a spitz breed, they are more family-oriented and biddable than most and are not at all difficult to train. A strong bond and positive-only methods are important for Eurasiers to be successful, they are a sensitive breed and require a soft hand.
  • Do Eurasiers bark a lot?
    Barking is another behavior that varies from individual to individual but most Eurasiers are very quiet as far as dogs go. Most Eurasiers only bark occasionally and with reason, like strangers approaching the house and teasing squirrels. The bark of most Eurasiers is pitched very low, sounding more like a mastiff than a husky.
  • How much do Eurasiers shed?
    Eurasiers generally lose their undercoat twice a year for a few weeks at a time, where they shed substantially and require frequent grooming to help the fur come loose. Shedding is minimal outside of those windows. However, spaying or neutering can significantly increase the amount of fur that sheds off the coat year round and can reduce the quality of the coat.
  • How long do Eurasiers live?
    Eurasiers are a healthy breed, with a little luck and a lot of care they frequently live to between 12 and 14 years old!
  • What is the average wait time to get a Eurasier puppy?
    Due to a combination of high demand and the breeding standards of the Canadian Eurasier breeders, the wait time to bring home a Eurasier puppy is typically 2-3 years. Plan accordingly and start to reach out to a breeder that aligns with your values early!
  • Do Eurasiers make good service dogs?
    Eurasiers are an intuitive, sensitive breed that can easily be overwhelmed by the pressure that public access service dogs are required to undergo. They are wonderful companions who are very in tune with their owners and can be sensitive to swings in their emotions - for good and for bad. Eurasiers can also be very environmentally focused, where a service dog would be required to focus closely on their handler. If you are interested in having a Eurasier as a service dog, it is recommended that you reach out to different breeders and be clear about what you are looking for in a puppy to see if their program might produce what you are looking for.
  • Can Eurasiers be left alone during the work day?
    Eurasiers can be left at home alone as long as appropriate training is done to prevent separation anxiety, but they are closely bonded to the family and are happiest when they can spend most of their day in the family's company. It is not recommended to bring a Eurasier into your life if you expect to be away from home for most of the day.


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