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Read the ECC's Breeder Code of Ethics

All breeders affiliated with the Eurasier Club of Canada have agreed to following the Code of Ethics outlined by the club. The Code of Ethics were created with the intention of protecting the Eurasiers used in breeding, the puppies they produce, and those who purchase those puppies. The Code of Ethics is summarized below. 

General Breeding Practices

The goal of breeding Eurasiers should be to produce quality dogs that meet the CKC/FCI  Eurasier standard as closely as possible in the pursuit of improving or preserving the Eurasier breed. All responsibilities of breeding should be carefully thought out and prepared for well ahead of time.

Breeding Criteria

Both the sire and the dam must be of appropriate breeding age and must conform to the Eurasier standard as closely as possible. Required health tests for each breeding individual are: a complete thyroid panel every 2 years, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, eyes, and Dandy Walker-like Malformation (DWLM). Further health tests of elbows, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), and Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) are also suggested.

Sales, Responsibilities, and Contracts

Breeders have a lifetime responsibility to provide a stable environment for every puppy they produce. Breeders must be prepared to take back or fully assist in rehoming any dog they produce at any time if the owner of the dog decides to relinquish their dog. Prospective puppy buyers must be thoroughly screened by breeders and each puppy must be sold with a contract. These contracts must outline the responsibilities of the breeder and must provide a written health guarantee for serious congenital defects for at least 2 years after the date of sale of the puppy. Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before being rehomed.


The following are considered violations of the ECC code of ethics:

  • Over-breeding of bitches for profit with no regard for the quality of offspring or the health of the bitch

  • the consignment or sale to a third party such as pet shops, catalogue houses, animal brokers, other commercial sources of distribution, or research facilities; 

  • knowingly selling a Eurasier to anyone suspected of using dogs for illegal/immoral purposes (dog fighting, laboratory experimentation)

  • the wholesaling of Eurasier litters to puppy brokers or pet shops, or the sale of an entire litter to a single individual;

  • the donation of Eurasiers as prizes for raffles, auctions, or contests;

  • accepting commissions on sales of puppies for other breeders. Assisting other breeders in placement of their litters is not to be construed as brokering as long as the sales agreement, contracts and guarantees are between the breeder and the puppy buyers.

Reported, verifiable violations of the requirements of this Code of Ethics shall be subject to any or all of these forms of actions taken by the Executive as described in Article 13 of the Eurasier Club of Canada Constitution: 

  • a letter of warning or reprimand from the Executive

  • removal from the list of Code of Ethics Breeders List

  • suspension and possible expulsion from the club as described in the bylaws of the ECC, Inc.



Promote. Protect. Preserve

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